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RE/MAX Realty Group
7910 Summerlin Lakes Dr.,     ~     Ft. Myers, FL 33907
Office: 239-489-4042 ~ Fax: 239-489-0281 ~ Toll Free: 800-860-4042



Real Estate Myths




Myth:  All agents at RE/MAX Realty Group are part of The Ellis Team.


Truth:  There are over 150 agents at RE/MAX Realty Group, and most do not work with The Ellis Team.  To get The Ellis Team, you must Ask for The Ellis Team.  There is a Difference.  If you haven’t talked directly with The Ellis Team, you are not working with The Ellis Team.

Myth:  Other Teams claim to be the Top Residential Agents in Lee County.


Truth:  Only the Ellis Team are the Top Agents in Lee County.  Other teams combine entire company volume, or claim to be first at something.  Last year the Ellis Team sold over $100 Million dollars in real estate.

Myth:  Sande Ellis is the Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Realty Group.


Truth:  Sande, Brett, and the entire team work independently at RE/MAX Realty Group.  George Sayers is the Broker/Manager and Michael Frye is the Owner.

Myth:  Listing my home with a discount broker will save me money.


Truth:  Listing your home with a discount broker can actually cost you money.  This is true for a variety of reasons.  We’ll explain just a few here.  First, discount brokers advertise your home less, and their low price more.  Often, ads are designed to get more listings, not to sell your home.  Second, discount brokers actually make more money selling one of our listings than selling your home at a reduced commission.  Which home do you think they’ll be motivated to sell?  Third, your home is an asset that makes their phone ring with buyers.  Once your home sells, the asset is gone, and with it the opportunity to sell one of our listings.   The longer it takes to sell your home, the better for the discounter.  Call us for a private interview and we can discuss all the benefits of working with The Ellis Team.  We have a chart which illustrates this process we can show you in the private interview.

Myth:  All agents work the same


Truth:  Just as some doctors, lawyers, and teachers have varying degrees of education, experience, and skills, so it is true with Realtors.  The Ellis Team has the Education and designations, the skill, and the experience to guide you through the process.  Chances are the other side will be well represented, so why not choose the Best agents to represent you?  It’s not leveling the playing field; it’s tilting it to your side when you hire The Ellis Team.

Myth:  A busy team like The Ellis Team will be to busy to work with me.


Truth:  A single agent can only handle one task at a time.  We have many resources to handle your needs.  As our business grows, we add highly skilled people to our team.  We have always enjoyed eating at a busy restaurant, as you know they must be doing it right.  It’s always a gamble to eat at a restaurant where the lot is empty.

Myth:  All agents know how to price a home correctly.


Truth:  The Ellis Team takes great care to Accurately Price your home.  If we under price it, you’re giving away your equity to the buyer.  If we over price your home, it will just help sell other homes on the market and your home will sit.  The market will begin to wonder what’s wrong with your home.

Myth:  I can always come down in price when someone makes an offer


Truth:  Overpriced homes rarely get an offer to counter.  Homes priced accurately get the offers, and the opportunity to counter offer.  Homes priced correctly in a hot market may get multiple offers with buyers fighting over the property.  Overpriced homes rarely get any offers to look at. 

Myth:  I can sell my home By Owner and offer a commission to brokers if they bring me a buyer, and agents will be knocking down my door to sell my home, and I’ll save half the commission.


Truth:  Agents only get involved on this basis as a last resort.  Agents representing buyers like to show listed properties for several reasons.  First, the information and product is readily available.  Secondly, when presenting offers, they’re dealing with a professional on other side, instead of having to educate and spend time with a seller who doesn’t understand the intricacies of selling property and the contracts. 

Myth:  I’ve sold several homes before and can do a better job than agents.


Truth:  It’s always hard to negotiate on your own behalf.  Buyers usually won’t trust a For Sale By Owner and offer accordingly low.  As  professionals, we can call buyers back and follow-up, whereas a seller appears anxious when they are following up.  A buyer's financial situation is critical when evaluating the offer, and a By Owner rarely gets this private information.  Also, customs and contracts change often, and the way you did it before may not be current with today’s laws.   Let us keep you legal and protected.  We’re experts at showing and selling homes.  We’ve helped over 3,000 families, and we’re the best at what we do.  You’ll have full confidence that we’re able to sell your home.  We’ll put more money in your pocket at closing than you can yourself, and we’ll do all the work and keep you legal.  Call us for an interview and see for yourself.

Here's what people are saying:
My only regret is not coming to the Ellis Team sooner!

- Wilma Ray