Buyer Advantage Program

Ellis Team Buyer Advantage Program Ô

Buyer Advantage Program

Beat out other Buyers to Hot New Listings! Join our Buyer Advantage Program Ô  Many of the best properties and finest values are only on the market a matter of days. Join our Buyer Advantage ProgramÔ and benefit by being the first to know when such properties enter the market. You’ll probably know sooner than many real estate agents. Timing is critical in a fast paced market. Buyers who are slow to find the right home are left with the leftovers.


As a member of our Buyer Advantage ProgramÔ you’ll enjoy certain privileges:

  • Advance notice on listings we’re working on. You’ll find out about new listings before they’re listed
  • The Ellis Team lists and sells a lot of property, so naturally we go on a lot of listing appointments.  We don’t take every listing, only sellers who wish to sell at today’s market value
  • Advance notice on all new listings online.
    You’ll beat out other buyers to the best properties.
  • No need wasting time viewing homes that do not interest you.
  • Open House Pass- This pass puts other Realtors on notice that you’re a customer of the Ellis Team and not to bother you with questions or phone calls.  All inquiries from them should go through our office.Buying Property in Southwest Florida
  • Free Reports- We’ve developed many reports to help buyers over the years and we’ll be releasing those to our customers signed up in the Buyer Advantage ProgramÔ 


We’ve designed a new and innovative website Exclusive to our Team that provides data on every home listed. Our site includes Addresses, mapping, saved searches and more. Better yet, it’s Live and Interactive. You control which areas you want to see based on parameters you’ve provided. It’s easy to sign up, and available now. It’s simple and hassle free to join this program. We hope that by providing these services you’ll want to work with us when you’re ready to buy. Finding the right home is only half the battle. Having an experienced agent guide you through the maze is the other, and we can help you with both.

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"To be the best that we can be, To have fun, To make a difference." Our mission statement is simple and to the point, and is the essence of what we do everyday. To expand upon our philosophy, we also work to educate our customers, inform them of all their options, and help them sort out which option is best for them. We study the market in great detail, not only the SW Florida real estate market, but also other markets and other factors that could influence your options in SW Florida, and weigh them against the opportunities you may have somewhere else. We know the inventory. As a seller, it's important to price your property correctly so you can compete favorably to get your property sold. As a buyer, it's important to know that you're buying a property that not only works for you, but also is priced fairly. We'll work hard to protect your interests. News organizations come to us to find out what's going on in SW Florida real estate. As a client of the Ellis Team, you'll get that same expert advice and analysis in real-time. Don't wait to find out after the fact what's happening in real estate. When you're buying or selling real estate in the Fort Myers Cape Coral Florida area, you'll have up to date knowledge working for you brought to you by top agents in Florida, so you can make the best decision possible. The Ellis Team looks forward to helping you with your dreams.