Buyer Brokerage

Isn’t the agent who shows me homes representing me?

Not necessarily. Unless you have a written agency agreement, the agent showing
you homes may not represent you. In fact, that agent may represent the seller. If the
agent represents the seller, everything you say can be carried back to the seller, thereby
helping the seller make a better and more informed decision about how to deal with your
offer. You may have given away several strategic negotiating advantages simply by opening
your mouth to an agent that does not represent you.

You can ask your agent to represent your best interests. That way, anything you say can
be held in confidence. The agent would then have fiduciary duties to you and not the
seller. It is a good idea to decide up-front in which capacity you want your agent to work
with you. Many states, including Florida, require up-front disclosure on this subject.

Most brokerages in Florida have changed from buyer brokerage to transactional brokerage due to changes in Florida law.

The Ellis Team does offer transactional brokerage to buyers at no additional cost. The fee
is still being paid by the seller. Many people believe that whoever is paying the fee is
who the loyalty is owed to. This just simply is not true. Agency has nothing to do with
who pays the fee.

What can Buyer Brokerage do for me?

A buyers agent can do everything traditional agents do plus the following:

  • 1. Locate and show targeted properties, showing both strengths and weaknesses.
  • 2. Perform a market analysis to assist you in determining “Fair Market Value.”
  • 3. Advise client regarding offers on property.
  • 4. Consult with client regarding counteroffers, contingencies, and negotiate on client’s
  • 5. Assist with favorable financing.
  • 6. Strict Confidentiality.
  • 7. Many other services too numerous to list.

What can Transactional Brokerage do for me?

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