How Much Home Can You Afford?

Get Pre-Qualified Up-Front.

Doing so saves time. You can start the search for your home by only looking at homes in
your price range. No more wasting time searching for homes that don’t meet your criteria,
or by looking at homes that you can’t afford anyway. All you will do is get discouraged
and give up. Once you are pre-approved, you will have a negotiating advantage, because the
seller will know they are dealing with a ready, willing, and able buyer- Same as cash.
Imagine walking into an open house that five other buyers like as much as you do. You got
it, because you eliminated uncertainty to the seller. You presented your pre-approved
buyers card with your offer. The others didn’t.

Perhaps one of the other offers was higher than yours. The seller still took yours
because they knew you were a buyer, and they weren’t too sure if the other buyer could
come up with the money like you could. Could be a big negotiating advantage on some
properties. Ask The Ellis Team for more details.

How Much Home Can You Afford?

You can be qualified in a matter of minutes. Just click the button below, and I’ll have
a loan officer call you and take your information right over the phone. They’ll run a free
instant credit report, and you’ll know up-front how much you can afford. Only thing left
is the fun part. Call The Ellis Team and go shopping!


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