If you’re like most people, your home is one of the biggest investments you own. From a financial standpoint, it may be a large portion of your assets. From an emotional standpoint, your home may be the greatest investment you have. Our definition of a home is a place where you make memories. For most, a home is shelter. For some, it’s solely an investment. For many, it’s a place to hang your hat at the end of a long day and find peace and comfort. We understand your needs. We’ve helped many clients sell their homes, because we care about meeting all types of needs.

We’re experts at selling properties. In fact, last year we sold more than anyone in Lee County. Not only have we sold more than anybody the last 5 years, but for the last 10 years as well. We’re Lee County experts who care about selling your home. Most sellers don’t care that we outsell everyone. They care if we can sell their home. If we decide to take the listing, the answer is YES!

We only list properties we know we can sell. We provide a comprehensive market analysis on each property we list. We only list properties in suitable condition for sale, and priced to sell at today’s market values. Selling real estate effectively is a Team decision between the Seller and the Agent. Both sides need to be on the same page. If one party has different goals than the other, chances are one side is going to be let down in the end. We strive to make sure we can meet the goals of everyseller and every listing we take.

Crucial questions to ask before hiring a real estate professional.

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