Important Questions to Ask Your Realtor

1. How many homes did you close last year?

2. How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood?

3. Do you have an online listing portal where I can sign in and see all the activity on my home? Showings, marketing, copies of the ads, feedback, etc.

4. Do TV Stations and newspapers consider your team the local expert on SW Florida Real Estate?

5. Do you have your own YouTube channel and why is that critically important?

6. How many views does your YouTube channel generate?

7. How will my home be featured on your channel?

8. Do you do a weekly radio show or have you moved that over to the Internet for more viewers?

9. Is there One thing you can do for me that Nobody else can?

10. Do you have a local Real Estate Blog? Do you write it or do you buy content?

11. Do you place the MLS on your website, and will my home be a featured listing?

12. Are you a Zillow Premier Agent?

13. How many years have you been selling real estate on a full-time basis?

14. Do you have a team to help you handle the multitude of specialized details associated with each real estate transaction or do you try to handle it all yourself?

15. Do you have your own website or a company provided one on their domain?

16. If you have your own website, is it a custom website you manage or a template website?

17. Is your own website ranked at top of search engines?

18. How do you achieve top search engine rankings when everyone else is vying for those top spots?

19. Do you have a Full-time Client Care Manager?

20. What does a client care manager do, and why is it so necessary?

21. Do you have a Full-time Marketing Manager?

22. Does your marketing manager make changes to your website, upload my listing to sites like Google, Trulia, Zillow, HGTV Front Door, Yahoo, hotsheet, propsmart, oodle, blinkx, Home Debut,, move,,, YouTube, and more?

24. Do you have a Closing Manager who handles all the closing details to better insure your properties close?

25. Does the commission I’m paying include paying the agent working with the buyer, all the advertising, my listing on the YouTube channel, Zillow, Trulia,,, newspaper advertising, yellow page buyers, virtual tours, custom video of my home, your full-time listing, marketing, and closing managers, and all the other things that you do?

26. What is your marketing plan?

27. Where and how often will you advertise my home?

28. If a buyer calls on my home while you’re out on appointment, do you have buyer agents on your team available to show my home so we don’t lose the buyer?

29. When buyers call your office, do they talk to a machine or a live, friendly human trained to help them?

30. Does your advertising really create a lot of buyers?

31. How many buyer agents do you have to handle all the responses you get from your marketing?

32. What advertising do you as agent provide separate from what your broker provides to all the agents in your office?

33. What market share did your company have last year? Why is this vitally important?
Are you the Top agent in your office?

34. Because many buyers come from out of town, does your company have national name recognition?

35. Are out of town buyers more likely to call a name they know or a smaller company they’ve never heard of?

36. Does your company have a national advertising campaign to attract buyers?

37. Do you still advertise in the newspaper every week?

38. Do you have your own newspaper advertising space or do you share space with a bunch of agents?

39. Do you advertise in the Yellow Pages? Is it a full page ad or a tiny listing?

40. Is the focal point of your advertising, your name, slogan, a marketing gimmick, or the properties?

41. Who makes the decision where, when, and how often my home will be advertised?

42. Do you give advice on how to properly show my home once it is for sale?

43. Will you list a property at a higher price than you know it can sell for?

44. Do you price your properties for top dollar, or do you under-price them for quick sales?

45. What is your reputation in the real estate community?

46. Do other Realtors show your properties or do they avoid your listings?

47. Is it a good idea for listing agent to accompany all showings for my home?

48. Do lenders work hard for your clients, or put you on the back-burner because you’re hard to deal with?

49. How long has your company been in business?

50. How long have you been with the same company? Why does this matter?

51. What referral networks for out-of-area and out-of-state buyers do you belong to?

Did you notice there is no #23? Just keeping things Fun!! Gotta have fun doing what you do. If you don’t enjoy your job, you won’t be effective selling. We like to have fun, and our passion is contagious.

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