SW Florida Real Estate Hurricane Tips

SW Florida Real Estate Hurricane Tips.

Have several flashlights with batteries


Buy plenty of dry food like cans and peanut butter

Charge cell phones ahead of storm

Keep children calm-Have games set for them to play

Remove for sale signs from yard

Fill up gas cans for generator

Generator- Be sure to change oil and make sure spark plugs are good and system runs before the storm

Add Stabil or gas additive to gas when fueling up generator

Batteries-Check all the sizes you need and purchase


Purchase a $10-20 Hi Definition antenna for your TV.

If you have hurricane shutters, roll them down or slide them and lock into place and test them out before the storm

Be sure to go around your yard and look for loose items.  Pay particular attention to your lanai and bring items inside that could blow around. Don’t forget things like basketball hoops in front yard

Do not cut pool screens.  Remove spline and the screen and save it for re-installation

Park your cars against your garage door inside your garage.

Purchase a Sawzall, also know as a reciprocating saw.  These are very useful in cutting down debris after a storm. Sometimes debris can block your exit to your home, so it’s nice to cut your way out if need be

Keep an ax in your home in case waters rise to cut through your roof.

3-5 Days supply of drinking water. Plan on  1 gallon of water  per person per day.

Fill up your car with gas ahead of the storm.

Remove Coconuts on palm trees

Fill Propane tanks for cooking on grill

Park cars in garage against or close to garage door

Stock on formula and diapers is you have little ones

Have your prescription medications




Basic Disaster Supply Kit    http://www.ready.gov/kit

National Hurricane Center Hurricane Preparedness



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